Hanging on the Caldera cliff 250m above sea level, 6 unique Suites with breathtaking view to the endless blue of the Aegean and the volcano, set the perfect scene for an once-in-a- lifetime stay in the famous volcanic island of Santorini.

In line with the traditional Theran architecture combined with modern luxury, our fully renovated cave like suites -some with private outdoor hot tub- are equipped with all modern amenities and facilities for a relaxing yet luxurious stay.

Our name, inspired by ancient spiritual religions, means Aether, Space.

Derived from the Sanskrit root kāś meaning "to be", Akasha is space in conception of the cosmos.

It is the principle of the 6 cosmos Entities where everything comes together and it accommodates the other five. Soul, Matter, Motion, Inertia (rest) and Eon (time).

Our suites named after the 6 Dravyas, color coded based on their name, invite you to live an experience unmatched..

Akasha existed before anything else and it is that which everything will return to.